September 20, 2008

To err is human…

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From today’s FT leader:

“Naturally, the need for such a government-sponsored rescue is annoying.  Taxpayers may well wish for the imposition of a special tax on recipients of what have turned out, retrospectively, to be unearned dividends and unjustified salaries.  But demanding such a pay-back is infeasible.  The pragmatic thing to do is let bygones be bygones…”

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  1. Surely the pragmatic thing from the everyday joes’ point of view is to pull the whole corrupt facade of a monetary system down and replace it with something honest and fair. Surely the pragmatic thing to do is never let anyone get away with this again.. Start with the banks, finish at the FTSE. If we do not take this opportunity to do a root and branch overhaul of our monetary system, we deserve everything we have coming.

    Comment by omgdidisaythat — September 20, 2008 @ 11:19 am

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