September 7, 2008

Funny ha ha

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From this week’s Economist

“Outside the Republican convention, largely peaceful protests were marred by a few thugs who smashed windows. More violent disruptions were avoided, however, because police informants infiltrated a gang of anarchists who were allegedly planning them. Police seized weapons and buckets of urine, apparently intended for throwing at people. Lawyers for some of those arrested demanded the return of their possessions. ‘Who should we return the urine to?’ asked the judge, according to the Star-Tribune, a local paper.”

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  1. Apparently there was nothing to protest. The Republican convention–from what little of it I actually watched–was pretty sad. They were only able to muster about 10,000 people compared to the 70,000 who packed an arena in Denver for the democratic national convention. Aside from some old Texans waving cowboy hats the event was like a zombie convention. All the network commentators described the democratic convention as something out of a “storybook.” “This is real life yet it’s like a fantasy,” they kept repeating. Even the FOX news announcers were speechless and had tears in their eyes after Barack Obama gave his speech and the theatrics had ended.

    The Republicans aren’t even trying to win this election. John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate was so ridiculous it almost seems as if he has already conceded. Another reason the Republicans don’t stand a chance is because their views are so unpopular. John McCain says he will draft young men to fight in Iraq, Iran and (probably) North Korea while Sarah Palin wants to deny women the right to have an abortion (even in cases of rape). If this is not an endoresment which basically says “don’t vote for us you idiots” I don’t know what is.

    I’m guessing Obama will win with two-thirds of the vote. I just worry because the media still seems to be largely in favor of the Republicans. Since they are all just mouthpieces for corporate interests anyway I don’t see why we should listen to anything they have to say. Public broadcasting (PBS) is the liberal TV outlet which offers the best coverage, but the media/corporate empires own everything else. 1 liberal channel that tells the truth and hundreds (even thousands) of channels filled with marketing, lies and deception. “Don’t look what this hand is doing,” they say, “Look over here at these shiny cars, toys and celebrities while I pick your pocket and invade foreign countries using false pretexts.”

    I guess I’m also afraid because Bush was elected president…twice! If this is not an indication of how intellectually challenged Americans have become, I don’t know what is. It is like we are living in Crazy Land. People have had their heads up their own asses for so long that shit has now become a luxury item. Don’t give me War & Peace to read, give me the new War of the Wiccans video game. Don’t give me clean air to breathe, give me foul air clogged with carbon monoxide. I don’t want to feel safe, I want bullets whizzing by me at all times. I don’t want freedom, I want to be a prisoner to my ass. I like having my head up my ass. I like the smelly dark places where no good things ever go…

    Obama is good for America because he has vision. He will free us from our asses.

    Comment by Tim — September 10, 2008 @ 9:21 pm

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