June 13, 2008

It’s DD for Me!

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Still very busy, so no actual content, I’m afraid.  But time enough to say: what the fuck with David Davis?  Best or most charitable guess seems to be: Davis sort of means it when he complains about the destruction of civil liberties; the rest of Tory high command don’t mean it at all; and Davis thinks he needs to a) get the Tories to irreversibly commit to repealing Labour’s more wildly authoritarian legislation before they get into power (otherwise they won’t change a thing), and also b) bring public opinion on side, to that end.  Hence the by-election – a by-election that will, in its sheer political drama, transform Britain’s sense of its political heritage.  I know.  It makes no sense.  But what the fuck else?

Or maybe he’s just bonkers.  As my mum likes to say: If Shami Chakrabarti thinks your defence of civil liberties is stupid, it’s probably stupid. 

Anyway, Davis is of course right to complain about “the monstrosity of [the] law that we passed yesterday”.  Here’s hoping some other major Conservative politicians decide to go similarly kamikaze on us.  (George Osborne resigning because the Tories have failed to reverse capitalist hegemony, perhaps?) 

Also (as regards the commons vote): fuck. 

Proper stuff to follow eventually, I promise.

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