April 30, 2008

Ken For Second Choice! [UPDATE: And the Thames Wept…]

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Okay, I know that every Londoner in the world is already bored to tears with this, and that nobody else much gives a damn. But what the hell… Assuming Lord Snooty doesn’t actually win a majority in first preference votes (which would be horrifying, but just surely not), the correct way to vote in the mayoral election is:

1) Whoever you actually want to win that isn’t Boris
2) Ken

In this scenario, your first vote is basically meaningless

so there’s not much point discussing it

but the second preference counts.  If your first preference is, say, Lindsey German, don’t go putting no Sian Berry as second choice.  Or vice versa.

A lunchtime poll of increasingly irritated colleagues reveals one vote for first Paddick, then Berry (this is what I’m talking about – don’t do that), and five people who couldn’t care less about the fucking London elections.  But the Boris fans must be out there somewhere – he’s on 46% (according to YouGov).  If he nudges past 50%, of course, the Ken-for-second-choice strategy may seem pretty misguided in hindsight.  (I know nothing about teh matehmatics, but I don’t see how this can be right).  Still, I think we have the luxury of downgrading our anti-Tory votes to second tier status…

There’s some sort of London Assembly up for grabs, too, I gather.

[UPDATE: Oh Jesus fucking Christ. I don’t have the heart to look at the results properly (plus my computer keeps crashing). But this is a fucking nightmare.

In London: the first past the post constituencies were all held by the incumbent party, except for Brent and Harrow, which Labour gained from Tory arseholes. Left List results on the Socialist Worker site. Interesting (to geeky yet ignorant me) that the incredibly annoying division of the socialist vote in Greenwich and Lewisham resulted in Left List’s Jennifer Jones getting 2,045 to Socialist Alternative’s Chris Flood’s 1,587 (even though Flood’s a longstanding councillor, and Jones is a student…) But that’s still less than two and a half per cent of the vote between them; so not unimprovable.

I can’t find the results for the eleven Assembly seats elected by PR – possibly they haven’t been declared yet – but it seems unlikely they’ll bring good news. More to the point, though, Johnson is now our mayor for four years. Boris Johnson. [He lost first name status when he stopped being a figure of fun and started being a source of pain.] Jesus Fuck. Jesus Fuck. I suppose the best to hope for is that he’ll make such a complete balls-up of it that he’ll materially damage the Conservatives nationwide. But that’s really not a scenario we ought to be hoping for.

Furthermore: this is the worst local election result for Labour for forty years. That’s forty years. We’re headed for a landslide Tory victory at the next general election. I don’t care how much you hate them: politicians are not ‘all the same’. Yes, New Labour are neoliberal and authoritarian in their very soul; but since the choice is, in fact, between New Labour and the Tories, this is terrible terrible news…

Logging back online to post this I find that the BNP have won their first London Assembly seat. It’s just a horror story…]

[On the Mayoral vote, Berry, who has been all over every newspaper in the country, got 3.15%. Fucking Barnbrook, of the fucking BNP, got 2.84%. This is horrifying. German got 0.68%.] [It’s just a rout – the end of New Labour; but also terrible for the far left, whose support has fallen or stagnated while the BNP have picked up votes…]


  1. Ha ha ha, Lindsey German-Spy got a pathetic 0.68% of the vote in her attempt to ensure a Boris victory and attack Ken Livingstone. Utterly, utterly rejected in every single postcode. And her fabricated ‘Left-on-the-shelf List’ collectively achieved an useless average of 1.37% of the constituency vote and 0.98% of the Londonwide vote, which every single person in London who cared knew was a front for the SWP as usual in case you were about to raise that traditional swerp lie that: ‘we were a ‘new’ party’!

    When you add these juvenile scores together and you get a spectacular total average of 1% of the vote in London! But this is wonderful when you consider the SWP is a scientology-style money-cult with no internal democracy and an obsession with swindling money from working-class people (the successful student members of which often go on to become greedy, callous, working-class hating and robotically stupid new Labour councillors or else supporters of the war in iraq).

    Left List’s best result was in Enfield & Haringey where Sait Akgul got 3.48% of the constituency vote. George Galloway’s non-Ponzi scheme party (ie. non-Trotskyist) by contrast got 2.43% Londonwide and a best result of 14.2% (Hanif Abdulmuhit in City).

    Will you retarded trots ever get the message from the general public, we aren’t stupid, you are manipulative middle class scum or ex-students without brains, we wouldnt vote you in to run a chip shop and we all hate you!?

    Comment by Jonah — May 4, 2008 @ 8:42 am

  2. Hmm, sensing some hostility here. Are you my first ‘troll’?! Obviously this – “her attempt to ensure a Boris victory” is just nonsense. And yes – Galloway and co. did better than the List. Congrats on the 14.2% (if, as I’m assuming, you’re pleased about it).

    But more generally… nobody seriously expects any far left party to poll big numbers London- or nationwide. The real disaster here is the Boris victory. (And the overall swing to the right across the country). That’s the nightmare. If you agree… what the fuck with the bollocks?

    Comment by praxisblog — May 4, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

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