July 26, 2007

Cameron in Rwanda

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David Cameron has been getting a bit of stick recently; he’s been neglecting the watery plight of his constituents in favour of atrocity tourism. The Conservatives are six points behind Labour in the latest ICM poll; people see Cameron as all spin, no substance. Brown is pounding on about extending police powers to detain terrorist suspects without charge… and here’s Cameron, the Tory leader, visiting Rwandan orphanages.

I welcome this. Anything that hurts the Conservatives is good news, obviously. I really don’t care how Cameron loses votes, as long as he does. But if he’s going to go down, what better way than through misguidedly left wing PR? After all those years of covert, and not so covert, Tory racism (“It’s not racist to put limits on immigration. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?”) this is a refreshing change in direction.

The question is how far Cameron’s willing to take it. He’s so determined to distance himself from his party’s core policies, almost anything seems possible. I have high hopes for future news cycles. Cameron misses Conservative party conference to unveil statue of Lenin. Cameron spends general election week at Fidel Castro’s bedside. Cameron, Letwin, Gove re-enact storming of Bastille for Comic Relief. Obviously he’ll change his tune as soon as he gets power; but until then, isn’t this fun?

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