June 7, 2007

Randy Newman Quote

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Listening to Randy Newman’s ‘Bad Love’ album, I want to stop and register appalled admiration for the coldness and emotion of his song ‘I Miss You’. It’s addressed to the ex-wife Randy ditched when he became famous, and it’s a horribly public and specific statement of regret. This being Randy Newman, he can’t let even the most genuine emotion through without an involuted piece of cruelty.

You’re far away
And happy I know
And it’s a little bit late.
Twenty years or so.

And it’s a little bit cold
For all those concerned
But I’d sell my soul [a carefully timed pause]
and your soul, for a song
So I’ll pour my heart out.

[Tear-jerking chorus.]

Has anyone ever been more candidly hypocritical in an expression of remorse? It makes me wince to hear it. Good to know that some of Toy Story’s profits are funding Randy’s self-lacerating retirement.

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