May 15, 2007

Limited Inc

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Well, I was planning to post about Blair’s resignation today. But a catalogue of disasters: I seem to have lost all my books on New Labour (possibly thrown in shreds from Westminster bridge, in a forgotten late night frenzy of alcohol and despair.) And then, believe it or not, I don’t actually have a phone line in my home. I haunt internet cafes, clutching 3.5″ disks; but today they are suffering power failures, or unresposive disk-drives, or are closed, or are a very long way away, in the dwindling light. So (since I’ve paid my 50p and taken my choice) I thought I’d point you in the direction of Limited Inc instead. Roger Gathman is the godfather of all leftist deconstructionist literary theorist crank economist auto-didact bloggers. He seems to do nothing but read and blog and rage against injustice. Today, you can check out his discussion of atheistic polemic. “One man’s jovial Hume is another man’s lukewarm countenancer of religion’s many and varied oppressions.”
Then perhaps a proper post tomorrow.

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